What’s my story?

I’ve spent my entire life in Alaska (aside from two years of college in Southern California, of all places). I’ve lived at the very top and near the bottom and now right in the middle of the biggest and most beautiful state.

I was raised in the Church and have seen the good, bad and ugly of imperfect people loved by a perfect Father.

My best friend and I have been married for 24 years and have experienced the heights of joy and depths of sorrow together. We are raising five children whose stories are being written by the greatest Author, and I try to stay out of His way. I’ve home schooled, private schooled and public schooled (some years all at once). I try to be a good listener and learner wherever I am.

I love to teach, sing, cook, garden and of course, tell stories…whenever possible, with some chocolate and coffee close by!

You have a story to tell as well! How does God want to use it? Get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss or wonder together!

Lara Martin