If you give a mom a blog

If you give a mom a blog, she’s going to need a drink to go with it. She’ll go into the kitchen for a glass of water and see the bag of lemons she bought last week still sitting on the counter unopened. She’ll think, “Oh, yeah. I was going to juice those and freeze it for healthy cancer-killing drinks!”

So she’ll decide to get started. She looks for her best small paring knife only to find that the dishwasher didn’t get run last night and of course, that’s where it is – covered with meat juice because someone didn’t use the appropriate knife for slicing their ham for dinner.

So she’ll decide to wash it by hand – after adding a few more things to the dishwasher and starting it up.

She fills a container with soapy water and reaches for her best H20@Home sponge only to find it coated with peanut butter because someone had enough initiative to wipe up their mess, but not enough to rinse the sponge off. After adding it to the top rack of the running dishwasher, she finds a washcloth instead and washes the knife.

She sees the big cookie sheet and soup pot that didn’t fit in the dishwasher and decides to wash those too while she has soapy water. When she’s done she reaches for her favorite (you guessed it) H20@Home dishcloth to dry them and put them away. Unfortunately, the soup pot won’t go where it is supposed to go because someone was in a hurry the last time they emptied the dishwasher and nothing is in its correct (and most efficient) storage place.

After reorganizing the entire cabinet so that the glass serving bowls are stacked together, the melamine mixing bowls are nested correctly and the pots are neatly arranged (with the big soup pot on the bottom – obviously), she stands back for a moment and reflects on how much happier that cabinet looks when everything is in its place and how much calmer she feels gazing on this stunning display of order. She thinks, “I should blog about this! The world needs to know how to properly organize a cabinet! My readers must hear how order and discipline lead to peace and tranquility!”

So she sits down in her favorite chair, pulls out her laptop, puts up her feet and thinks, “I need a drink!”Peaceful mom on the outside, a million open tabs on the inside!

If you are a mom and attempt to have a hobby of any kind (or home-based business or working towards a degree or all three like my friend the H20@Home distributor) I hope you enjoyed this! I could have, of course, extended this story and may still, if you think it’s worth the time.

I resonate with all the images I put in this post. I lived through the years represented by the Family Circus comic. I had four kids in five and a half years and for a long time I would have laughed/cried at the thought of a hobby. Now I feel more like the lady above – peaceful on the outside with a thousand open tabs on the inside! With mostly big kids now, my parenting challenges have gone from physical (car seat wrangling and diapering slippery octopi) to mental (“Why DID I ban that word from the house? Is it time to change that rule?”) and emotional (“Why does Junior seem so angry? Who is he angry with?”) and spiritual (“Does he really know to the tips of his toes how much God loves him? If not, Father, make it so!”).  And the one below reminds me that in addition to my family, ministry and business goals, I also need to find time to take care of my body. I enjoy reading about natural health solutions and organic living but that can become an additional burden and even idol when not kept in balance.

Honestly, this story represents a typical hour of my day. And maybe yours? I’d love to hear your reflections! What do you do to keep yourself on course and achieve your goals for the day? For the hour? Are hobbies/businesses/education worthwhile if they’re so difficult to find time for? What are they worth sacrificing? What are the rewards? How big of a priority is your health? What are you doing to meet those goals?Being a mom is all about balance!